TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Innovation Is Endless In Our Changing World

Accelerating Technology Adoption

In an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, technology firms must be able to scale fast and pivot even faster. Whatever your company’s focus or life-cycle stage, our industry insights and cross-sector expertise will help you determine the right moves and get fast, sustainable results. 

Every day we help clients identify new avenues for growth, optimize their channel partner networks, and improve their strategies and operations to seize opportunities. Our technology practice is backed by our firm’s comprehensive expertise in risk management, logistical security, and telecommunications. 

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Technology Consulting Services

Risk Management

Logistical Security

Cloud Computing

Blockchain & Metaverse


3D Printing

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Policy Assessment & Design

Third Party Auditing and Management

Incident & Data Breach Response

Embracing Disruption With Trust And Confidence

At Paxton Corporation, we know securing and managing electronically stored information (ESI) is critical to the future of your business. Our team delivers scalable solutions to help you protect confidential and proprietary information from data security risks, such as malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities, and inadequate security policies.

In a dynamic business environment, ensuring the continual effectiveness of technologies, policies, and processes is crucial to safeguarding your assets. We apply years of information security expertise to help you identify potential vulnerabilities and implement sound practices for effectively securing your sensitive information.

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